Leadership Coaching

Leaders are both born and made.  In close to twenty years of executive coaching, I found that leadership skills can be learned.  Often, the first step is releasing faulty beliefs such as, “leaders are born,” to unlock your full potential as a leader.

Leaders typically seek coaching when they aspire to or have attained a larger role.  Now, the tasks and successes that got them to this point are the responsibilities of their successor.   They realize there are more moving parts at this next level and it will require support in prioritizing and navigating these new waters.  These moving parts may be parts of the organization with which you only peripherally interacted, such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Technology or Legal.  You may need to fortify those relationships and inputs to created a greater organization-wide success.

You may already have natural leadership skills of executive presence, active listening, capability in working with diverse thinking and operational styles, team leadership and talent development.  Or, you may want to take certain skills to the next level.  The context of your current or new role will offer many opportunities for us to set assignments and try out new behaviors.  Ultimately, I coach for development, meaning that I coach from your strengths so that, in the spirit of Peter Drucker, your weaknesses are no longer an issue.

I use a systems approach to coaching.  Systems thinking views you in the context of the larger team, organization, and industry.  Like the human body, what you put into the system either nourishes, poisons or is neutral to the overall system.  No one leads/works in isolation.  Leadership is a fine art of fully understanding the organizational system within which you work, anticipating needs and how other’s inputs will support or detract from the health of your system.  Coaching can raise your awareness of how to lead and follow for the healthiest impact.