Coaching Coaches

Whether you are starting a coaching business or an experienced coach looking for consultation in your coaching practice, I can support your efforts.

There are a lot of details that go into starting a business and it can feel overwhelming, especially if you are coaching as you build the business.  I can help with the logistics, as well as think through the financial details with you.  Having someone help even out the emotional ups and downs of this process can be invaluable.

Or, you may be a successful coach and feel you have gotten too close to a situation or company at times.  A second set of eyes and ears can validate your concerns or provide a new perspective.  I assume that you have many tools in your coaching toolbox, and I might just spot one you haven’t used in a while or haven’t used under current circumstances. Thinking through these situations can offer a collaborative experience that is often missing in the solo practice.  Together we look at what you have tried, what the culture/context will support, and tailor a new strategy that fits your coaching style and is one that allows your client to be successful.