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Face the fear that if we let go of the conditioned self and life, we'll lose all that we've achieved

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Success is defined by what fulfills you in both your work and your relationships. Not what "they" think or say.

Live from your true self

Celebrate every facet of who you are with courage and experience brilliance in your personal and professional life.

About Irene Bradford, PhD

Hi, I'm a licensed psychologist, and I coach senior executives in Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups in the U.S. and globally. I help with leadership issues, including strategies for developing talent and creating an intentional culture. I guide executives to more fully understand the “I” behind their role and their goals, hewing to the adage, Know Thyself. I help them to identify their strengths (and not over-rely on the power of their position) to create a pattern of success. When we know who we are, we have a greater chance of understanding our employees and customers to create a positive and sustainable work environment where everyone wins.

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Irene Bradford

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Showing up as a Leader in all areas of your life

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Jim Masters from the award-winning Closeup Radio show.

We talked about how my background in both business and psychology complement each other in my role as a leadership coach.

I also got to share about how I help people bring their whole self to work so that they can be their best in a way that is authentic.

How we work together and how my clients show up as leaders in all areas of their life is unique to each individual. Interested in learning more? Listen to the show and then let's talk!