How to find your life purpose – your North Star

Find out how we can find the ever-guiding light that orients us to our calling/purpose, and reorients us when we get lost.

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Transcending Ordinary Mind

The pace of life, technology and information is accelerating. For most, our minds race along several tracks to keep up. If we try to perform, make decisions, take in information straddling these tracks, we get derailed. Multitasking rarely works. Advances in Neuroscience show us that our brain pathways can change. Good news: We can control…

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Who Wouldn’t Take This Job?

Who wouldn’t take this job? Sometimes we are groomed for positions where the power, status and money are so appealing we wonder, How could I pass this up? And sometimes, the best answer is, because you can. It takes courage and soul searching to assess whether to jump at an opportunity presented, rather than take…

We think we know our character based on our past history. In truth, there is so much more of us to reveal. | Visit

Over time, a deeper character is revealed

“Character is not created in times like these, it is revealed.” A great line from Louise Penny’s mystery, The Great Reckoning. It’s liberating to think our character is a storehouse of possibilities, where given the right moment, our behavior, belief or attitude reveals parts of ourselves we might not have known existed. Our challenges in…