Life Coaching

Life transitions are both exhilarating and frightening.  Often, it means leaving behind an identity that we created through a lifetime of experience. But we reach a point where that identity either no longer fits or needs updating given a new chapter in our lives. Having a coach support your letting go of what no longer serves, and to you help identify what parts of yourself want fuller expression can be a huge relief.

Many people are finding themselves in an existential crisis of sorts, as we experience time and technology moving at Mach IV speed. We have defined ourselves in terms of what we do.  What do you do when work defines less and less of who you are?   Do you change what you are doing? Or do you look within at your “being” and seek fulfillment and happiness within?  Hint: If you attend to the latter, what you do becomes crystal clear.

Or, maybe you just want to reclaim your joy in this ever changing world. That’s a worthy goal!